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Our doctor is: Dr. Rob Meacham. We offer a true "Primary Care Clinic" setting with an internal medicine physician that is also practicing family practice. 

We provide acute & chronic illness management, as well as: physicals (routine, school, employment, sports, camp, etc.), X-rays, EKGs, lung function tests, Holter Monitoring, 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, sleep apnea screening, DEXA scans for osteoporosis screening, removal/biopsy of skin lesions, PAP smears, "sinus cocktail shots", routine vaccinations, travel medicine evaluation and preparation, and more!

With our new "TRANSFORMATIVE MEDICINE at BAXTER CLINIC" focus, cosmetic services, weight loss management, and anti-aging products and services are all now available. Some examples of products or services we offer in this realm include: Botox injections for forehead, brow, and around the eye wrinkles, Juvederm filler injections for facial lines and cheek, lip, or eye augmentation, Latisse for eyelash growth, a generic Retin-A product line specially compounded in a moisturizing cream base, testosterone evaluation and management (shots or gels), E.D. evaluation and management, generic Adipex (phentermine) prescription and dispensation, B12 shots, Lipo-B and Vitachrom Shots, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, freezing of benign lesions, smoking cessation, joint injections, and "spider vein" injections. 

Our OFFICE PHILOSOPHY is: We strive to provide the utmost in compassionate, up-to-date care for our patients in a friendly and accessible environment. We enjoy establishing relationships with our patients and their families, and seek to continue these relationships for the long-term. Our goal is to keep you as healthy as possible by: (1) getting you well quickly, effectively, and safely when you are ill; (2) aggressively managing your chronic medical conditions based on the most up-to-date standards of care; and (3) addressing “Preventive Health” issues appropriate for your age, sex, family history, and personal medical conditions.

Our practice values your trust in our healthcare services. At Baxter Clinic, we consider the person behind the patient. As your partner in health, we look forward to helping you get the most out of life.
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